Donna awoke in vivid consciousness in the other worlds.  A bespectacled woman with grey streaks in her dark hair met her, and they talked for a few minutes.  “Do you know my son Justin?” she finally asked the woman.

“Of course I know him,” said the woman.  “He lives right over there in that white house.”  The scene was a normal setting of cottages, such as near a lake resort.

Donna and Justin had a long conversation.  He assured her his health was better than it had been on earth.  Then looking closely at her, he said, “I know what you’re doing to yourself.  Please stop.  You’re only hurting yourself.”  Before they parted, she asked to hold him in her arms, since she didn’t get a chance to do so before his death.  Laughing, he said, “OK, Mom.”

Soul Travel had put her right there with her loved one.  She could actually feel him in her arms.  Then she awoke.

Justin’s scent still lingered with her, and a peaceful, happy feeling lasted for weeks before it began to fade.  Donna was now determined to learn where he was.  Somewhere on earth, she knew, somebody had the answer.  That’s when her sister introduced her to Eckankar.  The first book she read was The Spiritual Notebook by Paul Twitchell, the modern-day founder of Eckankar.  It convinced her that here was the answer to her prayers.  Here was an explanation that made sense.

Grief for her son still overtakes her on occasion.  She wants the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master to help her regain the peace felt while with her son during Soul Travel.  So she does the Spiritual Exercises of ECK daily.  And she directs her efforts to seeing the Light and hearing the Sound—keys to the secret worlds of God.